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From the Escapees Website:
Whether you RV full-time or part-time…travel in a cozy teardrop trailer or a luxurious motorhome…are retired, working, or raising a family on the road…or are a seasoned RVer, recently hit the road, or are just aspiring to the life of freedom that RVing offers—we understand your lifestyle, and we have more than 40 years of first-hand knowledge and experience to help make it worry-free, affordable, safe, and enjoyable

Escapees is not a discount club. While it’s true that we have the most complete network of discounts and services under one umbrella of any RV club in the nation, our most important and valuable benefits are: When you join Escapees, you become a part of something unique and special. Our club is a warm, welcoming family of thousands of freedom-driven travelers who share your passion for life on the road. Therefore, they will be there to support, encourage and celebrate it with you throughout your RV journey.