Welcome Fulltime families!

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From the FTF Website:

From one-day field trips to week-long rallies, there’s a Fulltime Families event for every taste, and we work to ensure these events happen in various locations across the US and Canada, making it easy for families to attend regularly. Kids clubs include a scouting group called Explorers as well as a book club. Finally, each of the unique branches of membership has a Facebook group and even sometimes smaller events.  These events encourage building of relationships based on common interests.

Besides community, we also provide our members with a number of valuable travel-related discounts, like this Venture Wipe Discount Code Page. These include a long list of campgrounds that are willing to waive the extra child fee for members of FTF as well as discounts on memberships to popular camping organizations such as Good Sam Club and Escapees among many others.

As you can see, Fulltime Families is an incredibly valuable tool for RVing families, and many members will tell you they never would have survived on the road without it.