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Why You Should Pack Body Wipes in Your Backpacking Gear

Backpacking through the wilderness can be rough, especially if you’re not exactly used to it. While most people know to pack water purifiers and a sleeping bag, fewer think about packing body wipes, which can make all the difference in comfort and convenience. Check out these four reasons why you should keep body wipes in your backpacking gear next time you go camping or hiking.

Staying clean is important

Not only is it a huge relief to be able to wash your hands and face at night, but cleanliness also affects morale. An effective way to keep yourself clean while you’re on an extended backpacking trip is to bring along body wipes. Body wipes are great because they’re small, lightweight, don’t require water and have multiple uses that can help simplify your pack.

Be hygienic and save water

While it might seem like a no-brainer to keep your body wipes with your backpacking gear, there’s actually a very good reason for doing so. When you spend an extended period of time out of civilization, you may be tempted to use all of that nice, clean water for drinking and cooking. However, using too much water for these purposes can lead to poor hygiene. While not quite as harmful as going thirsty, poor hygiene is still not desirable and will make your hiking experience much less pleasant.

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Pack only what you need

In addition to your backpacking gear, it’s important to pack only what you need for your trip. While being mindful of how much you pack may seem like common sense, it’s also easy to overlook items that might not seem essential. However, body wipes can help make your trip a little more comfortable and convenient. They provide an easy way to freshen up after a hike (or a long day at work), as well as kill off odor-causing bacteria . . . that’s why we infuse our wipes with Tea Tree Oil.

Use biodegradable products when available

Biodegradable products may not save you any weight, but they do reduce your impact on nature when backpacking. Venture Wipes fit perfectly in this category, as they are far more biodegradable than wet wipes. Additionally, using biodegradable products like these can help keep areas clean where you’re hiking.

I love these things. They're light weight, small, and easy to tuck just about anywhere but you don't sacrifice any usability when you're out on the trail. Great product that's quickly becoming a commodity in our house.

Hiking and camping go hand-in-hand, and our wipes were designed to have a perfect place with the rest of your backpacking gear. When we created our body wipes, one of the first requirements was packaging that fits easily into a pocket. Whether that pocket is on your pack or shorts is up to you. Next time you are ready to hit the trails, take us with you. We won’t take up a lot of space, and guarantee we’ll knock of the grime at the end of the day.

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