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The Dirt on Cleaning Up After Offroading

A good, long weekend of offroading can give you an adrenaline rush and make you feel alive in a way that few other things can. But, unfortunately, after such an exhilarating blast through the wilderness comes the not-so-fun task of cleaning up your ATV/Vehicle, so they’re ready to go again the next time you hit the trails.  Dirt, mud, and debris tend to get everywhere you don’t want it to, so here are some tips on how to clean up after offroad adventures.

Nothing says “gritty” like tearing up a trail in an off-road vehicle. But, think about it, mud and sand slinging everywhere provide the perfect conditions for our wipes to shine! 

Removing mud from your ATV

For best success, be sure to rinse off your ATV immediately after getting home from a ride. The faster you get to clean it up, the better chance of the mud not hardening in and turning to ‘stone’.  If you can, use a hose with a pressure nozzle that is easy to turn off and focuses the spray pattern on where you need to clean.  (This can limit water waste).  If you don’t have access to a hose or a nozzle, wipe it down with a damp towel or some shop rags. Pro Tip: Spray each rag before wiping; if they stay wet for too long, they’ll start to drip muddy water everywhere and create more work than you started with.

Removing mud from clothing

One of our staff members has tried every product out there to remove mud from clothing, and his go-to method is pre-soak in some water with a wee bit of detergent. Though a little more time consuming, this seems to cut through mud without damaging your clothes or gear. After a good soak, just toss your clothes and washable gear into the machine . . . we recommend a heavy-duty cycle.

Removing mud from your boots

Muddy boots and tires are a common sight for off-roaders. Sport Wipes, available most everywhere, are very good at removing mud from boots and tires. We like using sport wipes rather than water because they do not leave muddy residue behind and you can throw them away without wasting water.  Our wipes are even durable enough to lightly rinse out and continue to use through your cleanup.  If you’re going to spray your boots off with a hose, make sure you treat the leather after drying to preserve them for the next outing and to keep for wearing out prematurely.  Use something like a leather conditioner / oil. 

A man, wearing a wedding ring, ties his muddy boots while sitting in the back of a black car

I ordered these wipes for our outdoor adventures. Today we went wheeling in the jeep and by the end of the trail I was covered in dust, grime and even tree sap. The Venture Wipes worked incredibly well and even took care of that annoyingly sticky tree sap. I'll definitely be keeping a few of these in my backpack, camping gear, glove box and anywhere else our adventures take us.

Removing mud from your face/skin

When offroading, a run through a muddy field is inevitable.  To avoid looking like Bigfoot as you head home, clean your skin and hair with Venture Wipes before toweling off.  Our alcohol-free formula leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft without drying it out.  Your skin has taken enough abuse this day, you don’t need to rob it of all its essential oils.  Don’t just use them to clean up after offroading, though; they’re great for travel or any time you need a quick refresh!

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