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When your teenager refuses to shower, Venture Wipes can be the compromise. After he ran around the campground ALL DAY, I insisted that he at least clean his feet before bed. Let me tell you, I felt bad for that venture wipe. 😳 and his feet returned to a clean that my grandmother would be proud of. We’ve used them on ‘no time to shower days’, camping, post-surgery when showers aren’t allowed, and more. Amazing product!

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We have kids . . . they get dirty . . . and they should be allowed to get dirty! Our kids love getting dirty; they play hard and they play outdoors. When the weather is nice, there isn’t a better playground than the one nature can provide.

We love hearing stories from our customers who have found our wipes useful for them and their children. Heck, it’s our kids who use them the most in our family. Venture Wipes aren’t here to keep you from making a mess, but to help you get tidied up afterward. If it is playing in the woods or sports practice after school, our kids always find a way to come home dirty.

Picture camping in the PNW, just south of Mt. Bachelor. Humidity doesn’t exist and dust is everywhere. Once the kids leave the Airstream that’s it, they aren’t allowed back inside. Imagine Pigpen but with feet like Frodo after walking to Mordor. They are filthy! “No, you can’t come back inside, you look like you just spent a weekend working with the Smoke Jumpers!” This is where Venture Wipes have saved us. We can toss our grubby gremlins a wipe and before you know it, they resemble our sweet little children again. These things clean like it is nobody’s business, are crazy strong, and don’t leave you feeling sticky. We’ve used these wipes to clean up everything!

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